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We have experience and expertise in representing and defending the rights of those who have been charged with a crime. The representation provided by us is crucial to our client's legal case. We know the laws, proceedings, and customs that apply to our client's case and how to use those to best serve our client's legal interests. We provide a number of services necessary to building a strong defence in any criminal case.

Criminal Process Ontario, Canada

Our Mississauga, Georgetown, Toronto, Oakville, Brampton, Ontario criminal lawyers are available to defend all criminal offences including domestic/sexual assault, DUI, fraud, Charter of Rights violations etc. we will use our proven process to defend your rights. Please contact Bhangal & Virk Associates for consultation by our dedicated and experienced criminal defence lawyers.

There are several essential functions that are served by our firm. We have knowledge and experience in the application of laws, legal interpretations, procedures, and customs. The expertise can benefit and protect a defendant's legal interests. We will gather information pertinent to building a strong defence case, and also (when necessary) hire and manage investigators which will uncover facts and evidence relevant to the case and the witnesses. We unearth factual evidence vital to the defendant's case or information that can later be used to discredit the Crown's witness.

At our Firm, we will dedicate large amounts of time and energy into your case in order to best protect and maximize your legal rights in your defence. We will also provide a realistic and objective perspective about the anticipated course of legal proceedings and what can be expected during the case.

At the law firm of Bhangal & Virk, we work aggressively to insure that a defendant's rights are not breached or otherwise compromised at any point during the legal process. We will be able to identify any violation of rights that occur during search and seizures, arrests, interrogations, the subsequent collection of evidence, or any other instance of rights violations.