Friday, Dec 30,2016
Toronto City Councillors vote to ban texting and walking.

On July 14, 2016 Toronto city councils voted in favour of asking the Ministry of Transportation to make amendments to the highway traffic act  which would prevent pedestrians from using any hand held device such as phones while walking anywhere on a road. Toronto city council wants to ban texting and walking while crossing the street. If amended those who texted while using a roadway such as crossing would be fined.

The province and ministry of transportation responded back by stating they were not going to make such amendments and that it should be common sense for pedestrians to keep their head up while walking on the road.

The public has mixed views on the topic. Some feel it is ridiculous because texting and walking should be legal as it helps them  multi task and most individuals are aware of their surroundings. Other's are open to the idea as it would make it safer for them while crossing a road way and feel it is the same as texting and driving.

Regardless of the mixed views and the Toronto city council's vote in favour for the amendment. The province has no intention on creating such a ban but stated the city of Toronto can create a bylaw on texting and walking.