Friday, Dec 30,2016
Peel Police Services Board vs. Police Chief

Peel Police Service board Versus Police Chief and Members of Peel Regional Police

Amrik Ahluwalia who was elected to Chair of the Peel Police service board is getting a lot of backlash from Peel Regional police Chief Evans and The president of Peel Regional Police Paul Black. 


Ahluwalia who spoke of change of the Peel Police the minute he took on his new seat addressed long running issues of policing such as street checks and conducting a independent equity and diversity audit of the entire force. 


Police Chief Evan refused to take immediate action to ban street checks as she claims they are a "operational matter". Paul black also has back lashed at Ahluwalia by sending letters stating such a audit is deeming that senior officers and the police force is racist and such a deputation took place after concerns raised by only one group Peel Coalition Against Racialized Discrimination (PCARD). 


The chair of PCARD Ranjit Khatkur who in a public deputation addressed that Evans and the police force have been continuing to fail at acknowledging systematic racializaed discrimination and on success of improvement. Khatkur feels that the faith residents of peel have in the peel police is dropping to the point that criminals are shooting at these officers respond to incidents 


Since the public deputation there have been a back and forth exchange of issues from the deputation between the Ahluwalia and the Police chief and members saying the deputation was a disrespectful tirade. Alongside Black who stated the deputation was the most offensive presentation he has witnessed in 34 years. The PCARD'S chief made disparaging remarks about the members of the Peel regional police. 


Though it seems this controversial issue seems to be getting nastier there are supports of Ahluwalia such as Sophia Brown Ramsay, programming director for the Black Community Action Network of Peel feels this is the change we are looking for and had been trying to address in the past. Ramsay is pleased Ahluwalia is the new chair and someone from the South Asian Community has that zest to work with the Black community and the Mayor. The mayor of Brampton and Mississauga also continue to support the Police board as the board can bring "modernization and new reforms". 


Information collected from Various Toronto Star and Toronto Sun articles.