Friday, Dec 30,2016
High rise of Day Time Drinking and Driving Arrests in Peel.

Peel Regional Police have stated that in the month of July there was a high count of individuals being charged with drinking and driving during the day time.

Data which the Brampton Guardian and Mississauga News retrieved stated between July 2 to July 29 there were 27 suspected impaired drivers. 17 drivers in Brampton and 10 in Mississauga between the time frames of 6:30am and 9:15pm. That is one suspected impaired driver a day.

The suspected drivers have faced a number of charges. Specifically 10 included impaired driving by alcohol charges, 17 excess blood alcohol, one impaired by drug and one dangerous driving charges.

Police officers put in a lot of effort to determine when a driver has had their last drink before being arrested. The data is entered into a database which helps the police to determine where the best locations are to set up RIDE programs. LCBO and The beer store are common places of where drunk driving arrests occur.

Peel Regional are warning drivers to be aware of their surroundings not only at night but the day time as well for impaired drivers.